Jacob Komissar

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This page is meant to show some of my previous work as a supplement to my resume, which is most likely how you found this page.

Open Source

Python Typeshed

I updated and restructured the type stubs for Python's socket module. I added missing constants and methods (as of Python 3.8), and improved the module's maintainability by organizing the type stubs to follow the documentation.

Presto Manager

This was my intern project at Teradata in summer 2017, developed with two other interns to simplify the management of Presto's distributed system.

Personal Projects


A Python program that converts a directory of images to a multi-page PDF. I wrote it for a friend who writes comics. This program is available on PyPI.

WPI Scheduler Translator

When WPI replaced their schedule-planning tool (now at planner.wpi.edu) with a newer, clunkier tool, I set out to translate the JSON data from the new tool into the XML format for the old one. This was my first personal project, conducted before I had any significant software development experience.

News of this reached the academic advising office, and some time after I met with them, the original website was brought back online.

Wheel of Time

This simple Emacs package implements the time-scrolling functionality mentioned by this xkcd.


These are projects that I completed for various courses at WPI. Some of the GitHub repositories have randomly-generated names to make them harder to identify. Courses for which I do not have code on GitHub are not listed.

Software Engineering

In this class, I worked as Assistant Lead Software Engineer in a team of 10 students to develop an application to allow users to navigate in hospitals. I learned the basics of agile development and application design, which has influenced most programs I have written since.

Computer Graphics

In this class, I learned about the OpenGL graphics pipeline via WebGL. This course was my first experience with serious JavaScript programming.

  • Mesh Display Tool (source): This tool allows the display and limited animation of a subset of PLY files, such as those found here.
  • Mobile Animation (source): This animation demonstrates textures, hierarchical modeling, basic lighting models, and basic reflection and refraction (note that the textures shown with reflection and refraction are intentionally different from the textures shown on the walls).

Data Visualization

In this course, I learned visualization techniques, particularly using D3.js. The GitHub repositories for the course are mostly private, but my projects can be viewed on GitHub Pages.

  • A Classic Experiment (experiment, report): A variation on this visualization experiment, influenced by this study. This experiment aimed to use the experiment's technique to study how data is percieved in variations on pie charts, as discussed in the study.
  • 10 Ways: A demonstration of the same simple chart in 10 different visualization programs, including discussion of each tool.